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Advanced Surface Engineering & Coating Technology

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Take charge of your parts’ surface properties by using MBI Coatings

A worn-out surface, a corroded metal part, or sticky buildup can lead to a downed production line.
At MBI we are experts in surface engineering and coatings technology for problem solving and resurfacing. We help you reduce your maintenance and downtime. Learn how MBI can improve your parts and your bottom line with our innovative coatings solutions.

What Sets Us Apart

HVOF High-Velocity Oxy Fuel Carbide Coatings

Advanced Capabilities

  • All Thermal Spray services, including HVOF and Plasma

  • Ceramic, Carbide, Metals and Super-Alloy Coatings

  • Liquid & Powder Coatings (Oven or Ambient Cure)

  • In-House Machining, Grinding & Super-Finishing

  • Fabrication and Manufacturing

  • Large Component Handling

  • On-Site Capabilities for Most Processes

  • Application Consultation

  • Improving Properties

  • Refurbishing Components

Let’s Work Together

Whether you need to enhance the performance of your equipment or repair worn-down surfaces, MBI Coatings can help. Put our advanced surface engineering to work in your business.

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