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Advanced Surface Engineering & Coating Technology

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Surface Technologies for Industrial Application

What Sets Us Apart

HVOF High-Velocity Oxy Fuel Carbide Coatings

Advanced Capabilities

  • All Thermal Spray services, including HVOF and Plasma

  • Ceramic, Carbide, Metals and Super-Alloy Coatings

  • Liquid & Powder Coatings (Oven or Ambient Cure)

  • In-House Machining, Grinding & Super-Finishing

  • Fabrication and Manufacturing

  • Large Component Handling

  • On-Site Capabilities for Most Processes

  • Application Consultation

  • Improving Properties

  • Refurbishing Components

Let’s Work Together

Whether you need to enhance the performance of your equipment or repair worn-down surfaces, MBI Coatings can help. Put our advanced surface engineering to work in your business.

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