Our Story

MBI gets its roots out of Beloit, Wisconsin (during the 1980s) where our business was concentrated around pulp & paper component repair applications. MBI gained experience in Marine components coatings & repairs between 1990 and 1991 in Dubai, UAE. In late 1991, we settled in the Carolinas where we initially specialized in textile industry applications. Our last move from Charlotte to Lancaster “Land of the Waxhaw” was in 2003, where we are currently located. This move helped us expand by purchasing our own property (7 acres and over 25,000 in production space) in order to diversify and serve a multitude of industries.

MBI Coatings is a family-owned company which gives it an edge in terms of providing sincere and friendly customer service. Heavy investments in training, equipment upgrades, quality & safety measures, and employee facilities came in 2016 and continue to do so. Our continued self-investment proves our permanence in the region and industry.

MBI Coatings has provided quality coatings and surface engineering for over 30 years. Initially geared towards industrial applications, we have now taken our expertise to other markets and consumers such as MotorSports and Firearm enthusiasts. There is no coating or application we won’t entertain and are only limited by your imagination. Let us think outside the box with you and indulge in turning your thoughts and sketches into a reality.

We invite you to give us a call and see how we can help you to solve a problem, repair your parts and help you run a more efficient facility. We are real, relatable people and like to create personal relationships with our customers and clients. We hope that you will get to know us soon!

The MBI Coatings Family


MBI is leading the way in engineered coatings & surface technology. We are constantly striving to improve our customer relations and our offerings of a complete range of services directed at improving the performance and the re-surfacing of components and parts. At MBI we embrace progress and upgrade our equipment as the technology advances.

We are continually researching new surface engineering methods, new coatings and upgrades to our equipment and facilities. On a regular basis, our technicians and operators are sent for additional training and certifications.

  • Plasma spray (Metco 9MB, 3MB)

  • HVOF spray (Metco Diamond Jet, Praxair, Eutectic)

  • Flame-spray (Metco 5P, 6P, 10E, 12E, 14E, Eutectic TD-2000)

  • Arc spray (TAFA 8830 hand-held, TAFA 8830 multi-axis, Praxair BP-400)

  • Thermoplastic coatings (Gladiator Plastic Flame spray, Alamo PG-550)

  • HVLP coatings with high-temperature ovens

  • Fluoropolymers (Wear resistant Teflon© and/or Xylan© type coatings)

  • Large component handling (Rolls over 20′ length)

  • Machine shop support (In-house machining, grinding, etc.)

  • Super-finishing (Mirror-like finish)

  • Welding (TIG, MIG, Rod)

  • Hard-facing (Spray & fuse, Norton Rockide)

  • Parts fabrication and Manufacturing

  • Grit blasting

  • Selective plating

  • Manufacturing (Parts fabrication)

  • On-site capabilities