Carbide Coatings

Feature Overview

MBI Coatings utilizes the most advanced technologies available for applying carbide coatings. Depending on the application, there are many carbide alloys available to consider. Tungsten carbide, for example, is best applied using our advanced “Impact Fusion” HVOF (High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel) which produces coatings that are tough with virtually zero porosity.

An HVOF carbide-coated surface has a uniform matte-like finish that is extremely hard and durable. Thicker coatings can be applied and finished by diamond grinding and polishing to produce a mirror-like finish. Other methods such as flame-spray/fuse coatings, arc spray, and plasma spray are also used for specific application requirements such as rougher finishes for gripping, impact resistance, thicker build-up, and plasma-release type coatings.

Featured in these MBI Coatings:

Common Carbide Coating Applications

  • Replacing Chrome Rollers

  • Chill Rolls

  • Pump Components

  • Idler Roller

  • Laminating Rollers

  • Blowers/Fan Blades

  • Tracks & Screw Conveyors

  • Dampener Fingers

  • Drilling Bores and Bits

  • Deflector Plates

  • Shredding Components

  • Grip Fingers

  • Knives, Rotary, Slitters

  • Peeler bars, Seal Bars

Key Advantages

  • Superb abrasion and wear resistance compared to other coatings

  • Can be applied to steel, stainless, aluminum, titanium, and a variety of other substrates

  • Wide applicable material range has ability to meet any specification

  • Minimal build-up needed for an effective coating

  • Can be used in conjunction with MBI’s Traclon Release Coating

  • Endless variations for specific property and application needs

  • Ground finish offers mirror-shine that mimics plated chrome

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