Ceramic Industrial Coatings

Feature Overview

MBI Coatings applies ceramic coatings by utilizing advanced plasma spray systems. Ceramic coatings are an engineering tool that can transform an ordinary metal into a high-performance surface. Ceramic coatings are defined as non-metallic, inorganic materials. High hardness and thermal insulation are commonly recognized properties.

When chosen correctly ceramic coatings can significantly halt wear and corrosion, insulate from heat, even promise dimensional, thermal and chemical stability. When applied by our high-energy plasma, the coatings produced are considered denser, more wear and corrosion resistant, and exhibit superior heat shield properties. Ceramic coatings are inert to acids, alkali, and solvents.

Featured in these MBI Coatings:

Common Ceramic Coating Applications

  • Heated Rolls

  • Cooling Rolls

  • Piston Heads/Sleeves

  • Furnace Liners

  • Thermal Piping

  • Stretch Rolls

  • Heater Plates and Shields

  • Exhaust Systems

  • Headers and Downpipes

  • Bearing Surfaces

  • Seal Surfaces

  • Pulleys

  • Knives, Rotary, Slitters

  • Shafts, Journals, Etc.

Key Advantages

  • Severe corrosion protection

  • Extreme wear resistance

  • Erosion/abrasion resistance

  • Built-in lubricity

  • Low friction, non-snagging satin finish

  • Thermal barrier

  • Anti-galling

  • Seal-friendly surfaces

  • Electrical resistivity or conductivity

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