Food-Grade Industrial Coatings

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MBI Coatings, Inc use methods to increase your efficiency by improving your standard release coatings, while offering better maintenance solutions for your components.  

In an ever increasing world of food production, it is imperative to have equipment that can handle the demands of constant production.  It is nearly impossible to run a business in the world of food with equipment that is not safe or working.  Time and money is lost to competitors when machinery is not working at full capacity.

MBI Coatings offers many coatings for this industry in terms of machine maintenance/repairs and engineered coatings for release and non-stick applications. Pump plungers, bearing sleeves, power shafts and other components can be rebuilt, repaired and refurbished. Acidic foods, such as mustard, concentrated juice and tomato products, are examples of corrosive applications where MBI coatings are proven to be extremely effective to food processors.

Hoppers and bins, heat healing bars, Weighing Equipment, bake-ware, rollers, and chutes can be coated with ceramic reinforced Teflon type coatings for the best release with wear properties.

Your ingredients are kept safe by the highest quality materials that won’t peel or deteriorate.

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