Protective Industrial Coatings

Prevlon in Action

The Prevlon™ 300 coating system on these industrial gas tanks provides extreme environmental corrosion protection.

Product Overview

MBI’s Prevlon coatings are designed to protect parts and machinery from the harshest conditions they may encounter. Parts needing extreme corrosion protection, water protection properties, mechanical or electrical insulation, abrasion resistance, or all of these properties combined, will benefit from Prevlon coatings. Popular Prevlon coatings include Nylons (aka Rilsan®), Polypropylene, Polyurea, and Ceramic Epoxy coatings that will stand up to any environmental or mechanical abuse thrown at them.

Prevlon coatings can also be combined with metallic matrixes in order to boost toughness and useful coating life. Base materials such as tungsten carbides, stainless steels, or ceramics can be applied at any specified surface finish and thickness. MBI constantly develops new materials and combinations to produce the latest coating technology, so you can rest assured your components are receiving the latest & greatest.

Core Features

Common Applications

  • Manufacturing

  • Construction

  • Textile

  • Marine

  • Glass

  • Automotive

  • Oil & Gas

  • Mining

  • Power Generation

  • Processing and conveying Rolls and Rollers

  • Chemical industry equipment and parts

  • Industrial Valve components (Gates, Seals, Body, Etc.)

  • Pump parts including housings, impellers, covers, etc.

  • Chutes, catch pans/trays, lids, covers, etc.

  • Vessels, Pipes, and containers

  • Exhaust and blower equipment protection

  • Wastewater treatment components

  • Transportation & Automotive applications of all types

Prevlon Advantages

  • Corrosion Control: One of the primary functions of Prevlon coatings is to prevent corrosion of all forms: Environmental, Galvanic, Chemical/Acidic, etc. We research each problem and application to ensure that we understand the root cause of the corrosion concern before creating a coating system to combat it.

  • Unlimited Options: Prevlon coatings covers a huge array of different materials, compositions and application methods. This diversity allows us to create unique coating systems that need to meet any given set of properties and stipulations, and thus are tailored to each individual application.

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