Wear-Resistant Coatings

PrevTec in Action

The roller here was coated with PrevTec HV-50 (tungsten carbide). PrevTec is a superior alternative to traditional chrome, providing a highly-reflective finish that is both durable and environmentally friendly.

Product Overview

Prevention and wear protection is the most economical way to offset the high costs associated with component replacement. Keeping equipment up and running is paramount in achieving profit and customer satisfaction. Coatings are applied to problematic surfaces for the purpose of slowing down wear and/or the loss of material.

PrevTec Series coatings are engineered to resist the effects of different types of wear: Impact, Erosion, Abrasion, Corrosion, Thermal, Galling, Cavitation, etc. The type of wear must be identified in order to select the appropriate protective coating. We have hundreds of coatings to consider, consisting of ferrous & non-ferrous metals, stainless steels, amorphous alloys, Ceramics, and Carbides.

With multiple Thermal Spray processes (HVOF, Plasma, Arc, Flame, etc.) and endless material options, MBI has a solution for every problem.


Core Features

Common Carbide Coating Applications

  • Replacing Chrome Rollers

  • Chill Rolls

  • Pump Components

  • Idler Roller

  • Laminating Rollers

  • Blowers/Fan Blades

  • Tracks & Screw Conveyors

  • Dampener Fingers

  • Drilling Bores and Bits

  • Deflector Plates

  • Shredding Components

  • Grip Fingers

  • Knives, Rotary, Slitters

  • Peeler bars, Seal Bars

PrevTec Advantages

  • Meet Blueprint Specs:  MBI can meet nearly any blueprint coating specification, and can help translate foreign or competitors call-outs to give you flexibility and options.

  • Extreme Wear Resistance:  PrevTec coatings are not meant to simply restore worn parts to the bare minimum. We engineer each coating to go above and beyond, increasing properties that will even surpass expensive, brand new components made from exotic substrates.

  • Limitless Options:  We utilize various thermal spray processes and a multitude of metal and non-metal materials to create a finish that suits your application best. Let us solve your problems.

Let’s Work Together

Whether you need to enhance the performance of your equipment or repair worn-down surfaces, MBI Coatings can help. Put our advanced surface engineering to work in your business.

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