Thin Film Ceramic Coating

Thinlon in Action

This twin-diaphragm vacuum pump was refurbished by MBI. The silver coating is Thinlon 760, a thin film that prevents corrosion, thermal oxidation, and galling.

Product Overview

MBI’s THINLON coatings are designed to be used on any rigid or semi rigid surface for dry lubricity, corrosion protection, release, thermal barrier, electrical insulation, and a variety of other properties.

MBI Thinlon offers a nano-ceramic polymer formulation that promotes release and protection in surface-to-surface contact areas, thus reducing friction and wear between surfaces. The exceptional low resistant to shear enables the MBI Thinlon coated surface to operate with extremely low friction.

The coating thickness can range from less than a micrometer to few mils, depending on the variation and application. Thinlon coatings are comparable to or better than anodizing, anodizing/conversion oxide or organic primer/paint-on coatings.

Core Features

Common Applications

  • Tooling

  • Rotors/Gears

  • Piston Heads/Sleeves

  • Drill Bits

  • Blades

  • Die Cutting Rollers

  • Guide Surfaces

  • Cutting Discs

  • Threading

  • Pulleys

  • High-Heat Surfaces

  • Knives, Rotary, Slitters

  • Anvil Plates

  • Pump Equipment

Thinlon Advantages

  • Low Friction w/ Built-In Lubricity:  Thinlon coatings have an extremely low coefficient of friction, even rivalling traditional Teflon coatings. This makes them suitable as dry lubricants like on slide valves, piston skirts, and gears, and components that cannot be subjected to the high curing temperatures that Teflon requires.

  • Corrosion Protection:  The exceptional corrosion resistant properties of Thinlon coatings (chemical and environmental), make it a great standalone protectant, or as a sealant/topcoat for hard coatings.

  • Wide Operating Temperature Range:  Thinlon has the ability to retain physical properties and aesthetics through a huge range of temperatures, up to 2000°F with some variations, even in thermal shock applications.

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