Non-Stick & Traction-Release Coatings

Product Overview

MBI’s Traclon Traction Release coatings are designed by combining non-stick /release materials with hard matrix materials.  In the past, you may have heard this process referred to as “plasma release.”

For starters, hard matrix materials such as Tungsten Carbide, stainless steels, or ceramics can be applied to any specifications or thickness.  At the same time, the materials can protect the release polymer deep inside. This happens by forming a surface covering and/or coating.

In addition, the specially designed surface coverings and/or coatings can also be customized. At MBI, we offer various types of coatings with distinct surface feel, thickness and finish that are suitable for specific surface properties or requirements. Above all, MBI coatings can help you engineer quality, non-stick surfaces for your parts.

Core Features

Common Applications

  • Guide Rollers

  • Catch Pans

  • Cooling Cans

  • Bottle Fixtures

  • Feed Rollers

  • Grooved Rollers

  • Nip Rollers

  • Seal Bars

  • Tire Scrap Bins

  • Back Plates

  • Stretcher Rollers

  • Calendar Rollers

  • Delicate Material Clamps

  • Mold Surfaces

  • Walking Platforms

Traclon Advantages

  • Extreme Non-Stick: Traclon Traction Release coatings will not allow any tape adhesive, glue, molten material, film or anything else stick to them. Without a doubt, Traclon Traction Release coatings are considered to have the best release properties, with the most durability in our industry.

  • Adjustable Traction: Traclon Traction Release coatings have the ability to be customized based on traction needs. Undoubtedly, this provides more aggressive traction.  In addition, coating thickness is also increased to “grip” parts, products or films better. If low friction is needed, Traclon Traction Release coatings are applied more lightly. Therefore, materials are able to run smoothly along the guide roll surface.

  • Web Control: Unlike temporary wraps and glue-on covers, our coatings are homogenous and uniform without spiral lines that cause creep and drift. Our combination of release with traction control is ideal for coating rolls that are of less weight, need high speed, and may be made of thin aluminum or non-steel substrates

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