High-Grip Coatings

Product Overview

TracTec Series coatings are engineered traction/grip coatings used for mechanical grip, web control, anti-slip and to maintain consistent feed/speeds of products. We can produce a wide variety of textures, from subtle suede-like finishes to aggressive and sharp peaks, depending on the application requirements.

Unlike glue-on sand-paper and other temporary methods, TracTec coatings are considered semi-permanent. The gripping surface we produce is extremely tough and long lasting. The coatings are repeatable, consistent and can be re-applied once they wear out after prolonged use, saving the considerable cost of replacing or manufacturing new parts.

MBI offers several series within the TracTec family, contact an MBI rep to discuss which will work best for you.

Core Features

Common Applications

  • Fiction Discs/Pins

  • Carpet Rollers

  • Feed Rollers

  • Paper Rollers

  • Grip Fingers

  • Traction Bars

  • Sheet Metal Clamps

  • Winder Drums

  • Reels

  • Grooved Rollers

  • Cutter Spheres

  • Saw-Blade Ends

  • Step Surfaces

  • Paper Feeders

Tractec Advantages

  • Adjustable Traction:  TracTec has the ability to be customized based on traction needs. We use sandpaper-grit equivalents for easy translation and adjustments. i.e TracTec B-80 is similar to 80-Grit paper

  • Extreme Wear Resistance:  TracTec is a long-term solution for applications that see serious abuse and wear. Unlike wraps and liners, Trac-Tec fuses to substrates, giving it superior adhesion, hardness, wear and abrasion resistance.

  • Limitless Options:  We utilize various thermal spray processes and a multitude of metal and non-metal materials to create a finish that suits your application best.

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