Low-Friction Release Coatings

Tufflon in Action

This embossing roller produces bubble-wrap-type packaging. The Tufflon 103 coating allows for non-stick properties that last much longer than a stand-alone Teflon.

Product Overview

MBI’s Tufflon coatings encompass a wide range of variations and properties which can accommodate many needs and applications. From fluoropolymers (Teflon®, Xylan®) to ceramic-infused co-polymers; oven-cured to room temperature options; even FDA and EPA compliant coatings; MBI’s Tufflon can find a way to make your application work better. Most of our Tufflon coatings are complimented with a ceramic or carbide layer which dramatically improves the life of our coatings over conventional applications.

The durability along with release and low coefficient of friction properties make such coatings ideal for use as engineering or maintenance tools, with many processing aid applications in any manufacturing sector or industry. Typical applications include: Release against glue, Ink or any other sticky substance on components, such as chutes, trays, pans, shields, pump parts, valve parts, tools & rolls of all types.

Core Features

Common Applications

  • Glue Pans

  • Ink Trays

  • Converting Rollers

  • Chutes/Troughs

  • Deflector Plates

  • Idler Rollers

  • Recycling Equipment

  • Plated Chrome

  • Containers/Tanks

  • Conveyor Rollers

  • Ducts/Vents

  • Packing Surfaces

  • Anti-Fouling Surfaces

  • Anvil Plates/Friction Surfaces

  • Anti-Graffiti Surfaces

Tufflon Advantages

  • Extreme Non-Stick: Tufflon coatings are engineered to provide superior non-stick and release properties than industry standards. We constantly research and develop new coating technologies and combinations to stay ahead of the competition

  • Fluoropolymers: Tufflon coating variations also include popular fluoropolymers in order to help you meet your blueprint specifications. This can include Whitford Xylan®, DuPont Teflon®, as well as other name brands.

  • FDA Compliancy: Many of our Tufflon coatings adhere to strict FDA and EPA standards, making them safe for food contact and potable water use. Even the hard base layers in our hybrid coating systems can be tailored to meet these standards, giving you extreme-wearing options in the most demanding “clean” environments.

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