Electrical & Anti-Static Coatings

MBI Coatings - Electrial Coatings & Anti-Static Coatings

Keeping an operating line at a negative charge with hundreds of different parts and pieces can be a difficult and potentially dangerous task. Static build-up may cause the collection of unwanted materials leading to damage and repetitive cleaning. MBI applies coatings for dielectric properties or improving conductivity, depending on your application. We also offer coatings for industries seeking EMI/RFI shielding solutions. 


PL-102 Ceramic

Electrical Coatings, MBI Coatings

PL-102 Titanium Oxide over infrared Heated Plates to allow heat transfer, not electrical

Traclon 800

Electrical Coating, MBI Coatings

Traclon 800 on grounded Brackets provide an electrically conductive non-stick coating.

AR-05 Copper

Copper Coating, Mbi Coatings

Pure copper applied to Roller as conductive base coat for further topcoating.

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