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MBI Performance Coatings are certified applicators of Cerakote® Firearm Coatings. Cerakote is proven as the industry leader in terms of durability, corrosion resistance, looks and performance in the field. We are happy to partner with them and bring you a quality product that we can both stand behind.

MBI Performance Coatings is a Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL), accredited by the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) 


Any Firearm Job Size

Our facilities can handle single firearms or components, to production size quantities. We utilize two production areas for our Cerakote process to ensure that custom work doesn’t wait in the same lines as bulk processing. 

Our production line is capable of handling hundreds to thousands of parts at a given time. Our Quality Control System and System Database ensures tracking of each and every part from start to finish, and that each piece meets tough industry standards before it leaves our facility.  


Firearm Camouflage

From military personnel to hunters to weekend enthusiasts, camouflage is a classic look with many patterns and variations. MBI Performance Coatings can work with you to create totally unique designs using 3, 4 or even 5 color systems. Whether you want a woodland look, deep urban hues or winter mosaic, we can tailor in your specific colors to make it a one-off gun.


Distressed & Battleworn

The distressed look has become increasingly popular in the firearm world. Unique color blending, imitated wear and fatigue create a one-off look that will never be identical to the next. Imitate a photo you have seen, or contact us with a custom color scheme you have in mind. 



Totally customize your work. We utilize vinyl plotters to create unique images, logos, names, etc. to make your firearm truly yours.



A cool blend of looks and function, Stippling modifies your frames and grips to enhance friction and keep your hands where they need to be. Different designs and patterns are available, or we can work with you to create something new. We offer various sizes and shapes of Stippling markings for wide indentations or finely detailed patterns, and everything in between. 


Color Filing

Subtle color changes and contrasts make a big difference in creating a look that is perfect for you. With Color Filling, MBI gives you the option to fill even the most intricate and complex engravings and etchings with any color desired. Browse our gallery for ideas or inspiration!


Component Restoration

MBI Performance offers the unique ability to bring old, pitted metal back to life with our component restoration services. We fill voids, pitting, corrosion and other imperfections in your firearm with REAL metal, than hand polish it down to original dimensions. After a Cerakote® coating, your gun will look like it did the day it was manufactured, restoring original value to a beaten down, or just plain over-used, firearm.  


MBI Coatings Firearm Pricing Guide

Firearm Coating Pricing Guide (pdf)


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