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MBI Coatings offers fluoropolymer coatings to our customers. Fluoropolymers are world-renowned for their low-coefficient of friction, combined with excellent release, chemical resistance and wear resistance. Every variation from PTFE to PFA to FEP has their own unique properties geared towards tackling common problems in every industry imaginable.

MBI improves upon this technology with state of the art facilities and the utilization of our own carbides and ceramics for a truly unique coating that will outperform anything on the market. MBI offers low-temperature-cured options and even air-cured options for sensitive substrates. We encourage you to contact us today and we can personally assist in recommending a coating geared towards your specific application.             

What's the Difference?

PTFE: Very high operating temperatures and lowest surface energy of fluoropolymers. Shows good abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and release properties. High operating temperatures as well ( ≈ 500°F )

ETFE: Excellent chemical resistance in a high-build format ( up to 80 mils thickness ). Also shows better hardness than PTFE but with a lower operating temperature ( ≈ 300°F )

FEP: High release fluoropolymer makes a great non-stick coating. Good chemical resistance and low coefficient of friction as well. Operating temperatures are fairly high also. ( ≈ 400°F )

PFA: Slightly better hardness than PTFE with a high-build option ( up to 40 mils thickness ). Used in a wide variety varety of non-stick applications due to its versatile properties, excellent chemical resistance and high temperature resistance. ( ≈ 500°F )


Typical Properties

  • Temperatures: Up to 600°F
  • Durability: Excellent UV, corrosion & chemical resistance
  • Thickness: Variable; thin coat or heavy build up possible
  • Aesthetics: Countless color, texture options

Common Fluoropolymer Applications

  • Automotive Components
  • External Machine Components
  • Safety Rails and Steps
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Architectural Parts
  • Marine Equipment and Components
  • Guide Bars
  • Painting Fixtures
  • Pump Components
  • Valve Parts
  • Medical Equipment
  • All Types of Rollers

Improving Upon Greatness!

MBI Coatings began with what is already a coating line with an incredible reputation and property set, and looked to improve upon it.

We have incorporated specific Ceramics, Carbides, and Alloys along with Fluoropolymers to create something that is even better. This drastically increases wear and abrasion resistance while retaining all the properties of fluoropolymers including their excellent release.

We can exponentially improve the life of your existing part and would love to have your company experience this coating revelation with us. 

Typical Variations of Fluoropolymer Coatings

MBI Coatings is proud to offer an extensive foray of Fluropolymers and variations from respected manufacturers such as DuPont®, Whitford®, Vicote®, and more. We can meet blueprint and specification standards in accordance with function and color, and also suggest and apply coatings based on property needs or problem resolution.

Dupont Teflon Green FEP

One of the most widely used and recognized Fluoropolymers is the Green FEP. Easy to use and apply with good release and abrasion resistance, this coating is applicable in many applications and environments.

Whitford Xylan 1010

Xylan has been around for decades and for good reason. It is incredibly versatile and offers a hard, corrosion resistant release coating in a fairly thin-film package. Made popular in the Oil & Gas industry and became widespread from there, it is available in a wide variety of color options.

Teflon Ruby Red (PFA)

This permeation-resistant coating is popular for holding up in highly chemically corrosive environments, more than other PFAs. Known for its distinct color, Ruby Red is understandably very popular in the chemical industry as well as many others.

MBI also creates unique coatings utilizing our extensive knowledge, capabilities and equipment. Below are just a few variations we fabricate to extend properties of coatings and offer what no other coating company can. Call us about receiving a one-off coating geared towards your specific application in order to get the most out of your parts and products.

Ceramic with PTFE Ceramic offers an inert, dielectric and very hard base layer for an PTFE topcoat. The embedded PTFE will offer enhanced corrosion control, abrasion resistance, slickness and release properties.

Carbide with FEP

Carbide offers one of the hardest and most wear/abrasion applicable to a variety of substrates. Combined with an FEP release layer, this coating will outperform and outlast ANY release coating on the market.

Hastelloy with PFA

Hastelloy is world renowned for its incredible corrosion resistant properties. With a PFA topcoat, we challenge you to find an environment chemically aggressive enough to truly test its might.


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