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International food standards, and industrial cleanliness standards in general, are becoming increasingly more stringent and demanding. It is imperative for companies to be up to par with these new statutes in their everyday operations in order to succeed. MBI can help maintain and upgrade operating cleanliness with various coatings that meet FDA, FDA Food Contact, OSHA, and other cleanliness standards. Anti-microbial and easy-clean coatings are also available for your convenience. 


Traclon FDA

Non Stick Coating, Food Grade Coating, MBI Coatings

Roller processing tortilla chips coated with food-contact compatible, non-stick coating [Traclon FDA].

Tufflon 102

Food Grade Coating on Roller, MBI Coatings

Tufflon 102 FEP non-stick coating applied to Dough Roller.

AR-13 Stainless Steel

FDA Compliance Coatings, MBI Coatings

AR-13 Stainless Steel alloy used to rebuild wastewater pump shafts for FDA compliance.

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