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MBI Coatings is leading the way in engineered surface & coating technology, offering services directed at improving the performance of machine components and extending the life of their surface.

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We have unique capabilities such as combining tough thermal spray with polymer coatings to engineer and improve surface properties, thus producing the best solution for your application. The diversity of our capabilities and services provide an unmatched advantage over other competing coating providers.

Industrial Machine Repair and Retooling

Machine Elements Repair

MBI Coatings takes great pride in machine repair and restoration. Machines can become worn and ultimately damaged due to service or element exposure. MBI coatings can have your machine working better than new. MBI Coatings chooses to complete repairs with Plasma coatings and High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) coatings.. By using these processes, the integrity of the base material is preserved. This avoids the high heat distortion of welding that can result in problems such as shrinkage and cracking. By using Plasma and HVOF coatings, desirable properties can be added to the surface. Thermal spray coatings deliver some of the most cost-effective options to extend, restore or upgrade the life of a component, saving both time and money.

Textiles, Nonwoven, and Conversion Industries
Industrial Machine Repair and Retooling

Textiles, Nonwoven, and Conversion Industries

MBI Coatings is expertly qualified to help the textile industry solve problems to improve service life. Our coatings can improve line speed, eliminate material wrap ups, as well as reduce dye and binder build up. MBI coatings reduce downtime due to wear and tear and other problematic issues that affect textile equipment.

Our technology helps to maintain the accuracy and precision control of friction on yarn contact surfaces. The abrasive qualities of fibers, particularly nylon, polyester, glass, and carbon, and the corrosive characteristics of additives such as fiber lubricants, combine to break down yarn contact surfaces. This can lead to costly downtime while machinery parts are replaced, or degrade yarn quality.

Our staff can improve the service life of processing and feed rollers, guides, bars, pins, and thread wheels. Our coatings products keep rotary, storage and friction desks sufficiently lubricated and free from stripping. We also keep items such as convergence guides, deflector rolls, friction desks, finish rolls, Godet rolls, groove rolls, hot (heater) plates, let down rolls, rolling guides, crimper sleeves, crimper rolls, separate rolls, turning rolls fully functional to maintain the high rate of speed needed for production.

MBI coatings and surface engineering are useful to the conversion and nonwoven manufacturing side of the textile industry. Nonwoven fabrics are a more ecological fabric type. The use of nonwoven fabrics complements our commitment to caring for the environment. By maintaining nonwoven and conversion machinery, single use and disposable products are created at a high rate of speed. These products can maintain their durability with proper equipment to create them. Items such as diapers, clothing, surgical gowns, surgical masks, and bedding that need quality and sterility are all created from the nonwoven and conversion process. These products are useful to hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and even hotel/luxury accommodations. The impact of our coatings has endless possibilities.

Printing and Packaging Industries
Printing and Packaging Industries

Printing and Packaging Industries

In the printing and packaging industry, glue build up is responsible for most packaging downtime. Glue residue build up can occur on glue guns or equipment such as guide rails or seal bars. To eliminate this problem, MBI Coatings provides a variety of solutions for non-stick or easy clean up, depending on the type of glue being used and the parts that need to be coated.

MBI offers a broad selection of coatings to enhance quality and process efficiency for the packaging, paper, and print and material handling industries. Our coatings are widely used for processes involving plastic forming, blister packaging, trays, foils, wraps, self sealing storage bags, and corrugated cardboard.

Our coatings can be applied to Idler rolls, Independence, adhesive and laminating equipment, sumps, trolleys, doctor blades and holders, and more. Let our technicians determine what coating product is best for application to end your hot melt or cold seal issues. In the world of quick customer service, you can’t afford to let a glue problem slow you down!

Industrial Coatings for Glass Production
Industrial Coatings for Glass Production

Glass Industry

MBI Coatings wants to keep your parts moving in the glass manufacturing industry. Corrosion resistant coatings and wear resistant coatings are applied to machine parts. Our coatings can be specially designed to maintain uniformity during heat transfer as well as maintain efficiency. Our staff is trained to mend and improve deflectors and We can repair stainless steel scoops, roll journals, and roll surface ceramic refinishing.

Coatings for Industrial Cement and Concrete Production
Coatings for Industrial Cement and Concrete Production

Cement Industry

MBI Coatings can work for many products in the cement industry. Coatings can prevent corrosion over time. Our coatings also work to make cement products resistant to fire and other harmful products. Our coatings can also be used to preserve deflectors in cement factories that prevent clogging from occurring in specific areas in a facility. Coatings can also make troughs easier to clean and maintain.

Industrial Resin and Plastics Production
Industrial Resin and Plastics Production

Resins & Plastics Industries

MBI coatings have been actively utilized in the plastics industry. Our thermal spray processes are being used to coat things such as granulator rotors, knives, screens, feed rolls, injection molding screws and feed screws. Coated parts have a lifespan of up to 10 times longer than non coated parts. To maximize the effectiveness and increase the lifespan of component parts even while processing the harshest materials, MBI utilizes advanced coating technologies that are a step above the competition.

Coatings applied with the HVOF process tend to increase rotor life. By doing so, blades are less frequently changed and downtime is minimal. These coatings do not allow for hard surface deposits, resulting in less maintenance. Ultimately, the efficiency in production is maintained and even increased.

Power Generation Industry
Power Generation Industry

Power Generation Industry

MBI Coatings offer a wide range of coatings for various critical components in the power generation sector. These include steam turbine and control valve components.

Components coming in contact with steam at high temperatures and subjected to impact loads and erosion, can be coated with Chrome Carbide based materials and Cobalt Super-Alloys coatings.

These coatings exhibit high temperature oxidation endurance and they prolong the operational life of critical components by enhancing wear and high temperature erosion properties.

Some coating applications include:

  • Coatings for Steam Control Valve components
  • Coatings for Turbine Casings for better clearance control and prevent steam leakage
  • Coatings for insulating washers for thermal and electrical insulation
  • Coatings to increase productivity due to extensive in wear life
  • Coatings for bearing bushings
Performance Auto Industry Coatings
Performance Auto Industry Coatings

Performance Auto Industry

MBI Dry film lubricant coatings create a permanently lubricated surface to impede galling and the seizing of components. Like or dissimilar materials can benefit from the application of these materials.

Our coatings can be used for the following equipment pieces and more: piston skirts and domes, cylinder walls, combustion chambers, crankshafts & camshafts, bearings and gears, valve stems & rocket pivots, engine blocks, exhaust systems and components, oil pans, valve covers and faces, etc.

In this industry, we use Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBC) like Cerakote products which significantly reduce heat transfer of components that operate at elevated temperatures. These coatings are used extensively in the automotive, commercial truck, heavy equipment and performance racing industries. This can increase performance, reduce maintenance cost and protect against corrosion.

Industrial Pump & Valve Coatings
Industrial Pump & Valve Coatings

Industrial Pumps & Valves

Learn how MBI Coatings can help you increase your pump and valve life dramatically, while improving its efficiency.

MBI can craft corrosion and wear-resistant coatings for centrifugal, reciprocating and other complex pump assemblies. Hard coatings protect internal pump components against corrosion, erosion and wear, greatly extending pump life and reliability. Many pump repairs facilities, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and final customers (end users) utilize MBI’s hard-coating and precision-machining capabilities to provide an economical means to restore worn parts to better-than-new condition with improved performance. We can coat shafts, sleeves, impellers, casings/housings, plungers, volutes, covers, rotors, and more. You name it and we can coat it!

We can use a thermal spray process to greatly improve the performance of a variety of valve types as well. Coating materials such as metal alloys, carbides and oxide ceramics are used to create wear and corrosion resistant surfaces, providing substantial improvement in the life of the valve.

HVOF and/or plasma spray technology produce very well adhered coatings, creating a firm overlay on specially crafted designs. Such coatings are used on gate, ball, and plug valve components to improve their performance especially when the valves are used in a challenging environment.

FDA Approved Coatings for Food Production
FDA Approved Coatings for Food Production

Food & Beverage Production

MBI has methods to increase your efficiency by improving your standard release coatings, while offering better maintenance solutions for your components

MBI Coatings offers many coatings for this industry in terms of machine maintenance/repairs and engineered coatings for release and non-stick applications. Pump plungers, bearing sleeves, power shafts and other components can be rebuilt, repaired and refurbished. Acidic foods, such as mustard, concentrated juice and tomato products, are examples of corrosive applications where MBI coatings are proven to be extremely effective to food processors.

Hoppers and bins, heat Sealing Bars, food weighing equipment, bakeware, rollers, and chutes can be coated with ceramic reinforced Teflon type coatings for the best release with wear properties.

Your ingredients are kept safe by the highest quality materials that won’t peel or deteriorate.

Water & Chemical Treatment Plants
Water & Chemical Treatment Plants

Water & Waste Treatment Plants

Water and waste treatment plants that are subjected to corrosive environments undergo various problems by oxidation of the materials. In many cases, highly corrosive vapors are generated. MBI Coatings can help by offering coatings of super-alloys like Hastelloy, which is a corrosion-resistant nickel alloy that contains other chemical elements such as chromium and molybdenum.

Our staff can also prevent expensive repairs or replacement of mechanically damaged equipment such as shafts by using Belzona’s epoxy repair materials. This allows for repairs at your site without disassembling the shaft; therefore minimizing cost and downtime.

Wastewater treatment plants have highly corrosive environments that affect the sludge lines. Corrosion can take place due to the acid vapors that are generated during wastewater processes. Because of this, metallic elements should be protected with thick layers of paint. However, common paints cannot be used on pieces such as valves due to the variation of thickness needed for proper operation. When common paints are used for this, valves must be replaced often due to the oxide layer that builds up, making rotation difficult. Our coatings can be made to specified thickness which prevents replacement and repair of equipment.

Upfront investment for quality coatings saves money in the long run for preserving valves and treatment plant machine components for the long haul.

Tire and Rubber Industry
Tire and Rubber Industry

Tire and Rubber Industries

MBI Coatings offers extremely non-stick coatings that even molten rubber will not hang on to. We also offer improved service life maintenance solutions for your components.

MBI works with major tire and rubber companies on many applications. Our diversity in terms of the type of coating system that we utilize gives us an advantage over the other coating companies.

We apply plasma ceramic coatings that are infused with release coatings. We can also apply HVOF with tungsten carbide coatings that contain non-stick materials. Not only do we repair surfaces, but can also help you engineer your component to do more for you in terms of wear, corrosion, release, traction, etc. We find what your component needs and fit our coatings to them.

We work on processing rolls, extruders, feed hoppers, vibratory conveyors, bins and molds.

Electrical & Appliance Industries
Electrical & Appliance Industries

Electrical and Electronics Industries

MBI applies many coatings in the field for various applications.

Our coatings can be electrically conductive. Copper is widely used on electrical enclosures as well as aluminum and molybdenum. Conductive coatings can be effective over a broad range of operating temperatures.

On the other hand, our coatings can also be electrically resistant. High dielectric strength coatings can be applied to form a continuous resistivity. aluminum oxide ceramic is commonly used for this purpose.

MBi Coatings ability to provide both EMI and RFI Shielding can be achieved on electronic equipment enclosures by using thermal sprayed copper, aluminum and zinc. These coatings provide protection to electronic components from electric “noise” produced by electric motors, controls, switches, transformers, etc.

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