MBI Coatings is leading the way in engineered coatings & surface technology offering services directed at improving the performance of machine components and extending the life of their surface.

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  • Refurbishing Components
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We have unique capabilities such as combining tough thermal spray with polymer coatings to engineer and improve surface properties, thus producing the best solution for your application. The diversity of our capabilities and services provide an unmatched advantage over other competing coating providers.

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Machine Repair
Printing & Packaging
Converting, Non-Woven
Resins & Plastics
Power Generation
Performance Auto
Pumps & Valves
Tire & Rubber
Food Grade Coatings
Treatment Plants
Electrical/ Electronic
Chemical Processing


Worn areas damaged in service or by the elements can be restored to better than new condition. MBI coatings avoids the use of weld overlaying to repair services that can be restored it with Plasma and HVOF process is preserving the integrity of the base material and avoiding the high heat distortion of welding, while adding desirable properties to the surface. Thermal spray coatings deliver some of the most cost-effective options to extend, restore or upgrade the life of a component.


Learn how our coatings can help you improve line speed, eliminate wrap ups, reduce dye and binder build up, reduce downtime due to wear and other problematic issues.

MBI Coatings has been helping the textile industry solve problems to improve service life and imparts precision control of friction on yarn contact surfaces. The abrasive qualities of fibers, particularly nylon, polyester, glass, and carbon, and the corrosive characteristics of additives such as fiber lubricants, combine to deteriorate yarn contact surfaces. This can lead to costly downtime while machinery parts are replaced, or degrade yarn quality. Examples: processing and feed rollers, guides, bars, pins, thread wheels, and rotary, storage and friction desks. Convergence guides, deflector roles, friction desks, finish roles, Godey rolls, groove rolls, hot (heater) plates, let down rolls, rolling guides, crimpers sleeves, crimper rolls, separate rolls, turning rolls.


Glue build up is responsible for a lot of packaging downtime, whether it is from glue guns or glue residue building up on equipment such as a guide rails. Seal bars is another popular application in this industry. MBI Coatings provides solutions for non-stick or easy clean depending on the type of glue being used and the parts needing coding. Let us deal with your hot melt or cold seal issues.

MBI offers a broad selection of coatings to enhance quality and process efficiency for the packaging, paper, and print and material handling industries. Our coatings are widely used for processes involving plastic forming, blister packaging, trays, foils, wraps, self sealing storage bags, and corrugated cardboard.

Idler rolls, Independence, adhesive and laminating equipment, sumps, trolleys, doctor blades and holders.


Deflectors, troughs, repair stainless steal scoops, roll journal repair and upgrade, roll surface ceramic refinish.


Deflectors, troughs, repair stainless steal scoops, roll journal repair and upgrade, roll surface ceramic refinish.


Deflectors, troughs, repair stainless steal scoops, roll journal repair and upgrade, roll surface ceramic refinish.


We understand that to maintain a competitive edge, you must push your production and minimize downtime. And for more than 30 years, we’ve been working to create innovative ways that help plastic and resin producers and users do just that. Our wear and corrosion resistant coatings maintain quality, reduce costs, extend the service life of critical parts, and prevent unplanned downtime due to surface failures.

MBA coatings has been actively utilized in the plastics industry. Our thermal spray processes are being used to coach things such as granulator rotors, knives, screens, feed rolls, injection molding screws and feed screws. Coded parts 10 to have a longer lifespan up to 10 times longer. To maximize the effectiveness and increase the lifespan of components even while processing the harshest materials, MBI utilizes advanced coating technologies that are a step above the competition.

Because of recent advancements in coatings, those screws are an industry standard for most harsh screw environments. HVOF coatings are adequately dense and are widely used. These coatings also provide attractively low Ra finish for tungsten carbide coatings.

Typical benefits that the coatings provide, include:

  • Increased rotor life
  • Low blade-change downtime
  • Less maintenance due to hard surface deposits
  • Increase in productivity due to extensive in wear life
  • Efficiency is increased and maintained


MBI Coatings offer a wide range of coatings for various critical components in the power generation sector. These include steam turbine and control valve components.

Components coming in contact with steam at high temperatures and subjected to impact loads and erosion, can be coated with Chrome Carbide based materials and Cobalt Super-Alloys coatings.

These coatings exhibit high temperature oxidation endurance and they prolong the operational life of critical components by enhancing wear and high temperature erosion properties.

Some coating applications are listed below:

  • Steam Control Valve components
  • Coatings for Turbine Casings for better clearance control and prevent steam leakage
  • Insulating washers for thermal and electical insulation
  • Increase in productivity due to extensive in wear life
  • Babbitt coating for bearing bushings


MBI Dry film lubricants coatings create a permanent lubricated surface to impede galling and the seizing of components. Like or dissimilar materials can benefit from the application of these materials. Uses: Piston Skirts, Cylinder Walls, Crankshafts & Cam Shafts, Bearings and Gears, Valve Stems & Rocket Pivtos, Engine Block, Oil Pans, Valve Covers.

For TBC (Thermal Barrier Coatings) we utilize Cerakote products which significantly reduce heat transfer of components that operate at elevated temperatures. These coatings are used extensively in the automotive, commercial truck, heavy equipment and performance racing industries. Thermal barrier products increase performance, reduce maintenance cost and protect against corrosion. Uses: Piston Domes, Combustion Chambers, Valve Faces, Exhaust Systems and Components.


Learn how MBI Coatings can help you increase your pump and valve life dramatically, while improving its efficiency!
Corrosion and wear-resistant coatings for centrifugal, reciprocating and other complex pump assemblies. Hard coating to protect internal pump components against corrosion, erosion and wear greatly extends pump life and reliability. Many pump repairs facilities, OEMs and end-users utilize MBI’s hard-coating and precision-machining capabilities to provide an economical means to restore worn parts to better-than-new condition with improved performance. Examples: Shafts, Sleeves, Impellers, Casings/Housing, Plungers, Volutes, Covers, Rotors, etc.

The use of thermal spray coatings can greatly improve the performance of a variety of valve types. Coating materials such as metal alloys, carbides and oxide ceramics are used to create wear and corrosion resistant surfaces, which can provide substantial improvement in the life of the valve.

HVOF and Plasma spray technology produce very well adhered coatings creating tenacious metallurgical bonded overlay. Such coatings are used on gate, ball, and plug valve components to improve their performance especially when the valves are used in challenging environment.


MBI has methods to increase your efficiency by improving your standard release coatings, while offering better maintenance solutions for your components
MBI Coatings offer many coatings for this industry in terms of machine maintenance/repairs and engineered coatings for release and non-stick applications. Pump plungers, bearing sleeves, power shafts and other components can be rebuilt, repaired and refurbished. Acidic foods, such as mustard, concentrated juice and tomato products, are examples of corrosive applications where MBI coatings are proven to be extremely effective to food processors.

Hoppers and Bins, Heat Sealing Bars, Weighing Equipment, Bake-Ware, Rollers, and Chutes can be coated with ceramic enforced Teflon type coatings for the best release with wear properties.


Water and waste treatment plants that are subjected to corrosive environments undergo various problems by oxidation of the materials. In many cases, highly corrosive vapors are generated. MBI Coatings can help by offering coatings of super-alloys like Hastalloy.
Repair and protection of mechanically damaged equipment.

Expensive repair or replacement of mechanically damaged equipment such as shafts can be avoided using Belzona’s epoxy repair materials, which allow in-situ repairs without disassembling the shaft; therefore minimizing cost and downtime.

For sludge lines of a Waste Water Treatment Plant, the environment becomes highly corrosive as a result of acid vapors that are generated during the process. Because of this matter, the metallic elelments should be protected with thick layers of paint. In the case of valves where the thickness variation is limited in order to proper operation, common paints can not be used. As a consequence, these valves should be often replaced because of the oxide layer that is created and which makes difficult the movement and rotation of them, ceasing to be functional.


For this industry, we offer extremely non-stick coatings that even molten rubber will not hand on to. We also offer improved service life maintenance solutions for your components.
MBI works with major tire and rubber companies on many applications. Our diversity in terms of the type of coating system that we utilize gives us an advantage over the other coating companies.

We apply plasma ceramic coatings that are impregnated with release coatings. We apply HVOF tungsten carbide coatings that contain non-stick materials. Not only do we repair surfaces, but also help you engineer your component to do more for you in terms of wear, corrosion, release, traction, etc.

We work on Processing Rolls, Extruders, Feed Hoppers, Rolls, Vibratory Conveyors, Bins and Molds.


MBI applies many coatings in the field for various applications.

Electrically Conductive Coatings – Copper is widely used on electrical enclosures as well as aluminum and molybdenum. Conductive coatings can be effective over a broad range of operating temperatures.

Electrically Resistive Coatings – High dielectric strength coatings can be applied to form a continuous resistivity. Aluminum oxide ceramic is commonly used for this purpose.

Electrically Non-Conductive Coatings – Ceramic coatings cusch as alumina-titania are used to provide non-conductive coatings.

EMI/RFI Shielding – Uniform EMI and RFI shielding can be achieved on electronic equipment enclosures by using thermal sprayed copper, aluminum and zinc. These coatings provide protection to electronic components from electric “noise” produced by electric motors, controls, switches, transformers, etc