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Among all thermal spray methods, Plasma spraying is the most widely accepted and approved process in all the various industries. Plasma offers better process control for improved coating performance. Plasma is the term used to describe a state where gas has been super-heated that it becomes conductive. In such state, "Plasma spraying" takes advantage of such energy to produce sophisticated coatings.

Why MBI Plasma?

At MBI we apply advanced plasma-spray coatings on your surfaces to meet application requirements regarding wear, release, heat, corrosion, oxidation or other properties. 

We utilize industry proven high energy Plasma spray systems (Sulzer Metco 3MB, 7MB and 9MB) for the deposition of various metallic & ceramic coatings. 

Choosing Plasma

There are materials such as ceramics that require tremendous amount of energy to soften and transform into a desired coating. Such materials to be deposited (which come in powder form) are heated in the plasma stream at temperatures around 16,500° C and subsequently sprayed at Mach 2 speeds onto the surface to be coated. 

The inherent versatility and control of the process permits the deposition of a wide variety of spray materials including metals, alloys, ceramics (oxides, carbides) and cermets. Such coatings offer excellent properties for abrasion, high temperature, corrosion, electrical conductivity, EMI shielding, release properties, repair of worn parts and more! 

Nearly any material may be plasma sprayed, and since the substrate temperature can be properly controlled to stay below 250°F, there’s no fear of overheating that causes warping or deformation to the part being coated. 


Typical Applications

  • Roll surfacing
  • Textile & Fiber parts
  • Friction discs
  • Finish rolls
  • Doctor & feed rolls
  • Groove rolls
  • Hot (Heater) plates
  • Let down rolls
  • Rolling guides
  • Crimper sleeves
  • Crimper rolls
  • Seal areas
  • Pump sleeves
  • And much more!



One of the most popular functions of Plasma spray is producing CERAMIC COATINGS that are hard, extremely wear resistant, high temperature resistant and inert. They vastly outperform alternate methods, such as chroming, hardening, anodizing, etc. 

CERAMIC coatings offer versatile surface finishes, from the cross-grained (matte) finish of 80-300 Ra. that is widely used on textile parts applications to a ground and super-finished surface of below 5 Ra. that is used for surfacing rolls, seal areas and more! 

Popular ceramics include: Titania, Alumina, Zirconia, Chrome oxide, and much more! 

Another popular Plasma spray coating is what's referred to as “PLASMA-RELEASE” (aka PC- -- -series). Such are MBI’s TRACLON family of coatings, which offer durable extreme non-stick properties with traction control (non-slip). 

TRACLON coatings have the highest degree of non-stick known to any industry. They are produced by applying plasma spray that is injected with proprietary polymer mix, resulting in a high performance ultra-release / non-stick surface with non-slip properties. 

We apply these coatings for various industries, on rolls and surface areas that are subjected to glues, hot melts, inks, stains, starch, molten plastic, molten rubber, etc. 

MBI’s TRACLON is proven to improve performance and out-perform any other competitor’s coating.

Plasma Explained

Plasma is often referred to as the fourth state of matter. Plasma, like the other three states of matter (Solid, Liquid and gas) has it's own unique properties. Just as most substrates will become solid if cooled enough, any substance will become a plasma if heated enough. 

In a plasma the electrons are stripped from the atoms creating a substance that resembles a gas but that conducts electricity. Plasmas occur naturally on earth in electrical discharges, lightning bolts, aurora borealis (northern lights) and solar winds. 

At MBI, we use this type of energy with one of our coating spray systems. We create a plasma field by passing an electric current through an excitable gas (such as argon or nitrogen), which provides an energy heat source of around 15,000°C under high pressure, which heats and propels the coating material onto the substrate. The utilization of such technology enables us to spray almost any material including ceramics onto a range of surfaces with tremendous bond strength and super properties. 

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