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MBI is proud to offer Powder Coating Services suitable for many applications including: Resistance to Corrosion, Impact, Abrasion, Chipping, Fading and Extreme Weather Conditions, all while providing an excellent overall appearance.  Powder coatings also withstand environmental factors such as ultraviolet radiation, smog, acidity, alkalinity and salt spray.

MBI can apply a wide range of powder materials in various colors, thickness, finishes / textures, or any other required property depending on the requirements of the application. Many FDA approved powder coatings are available along with specialty Anti-Microbial coatings. MBI even has solutions for high heat application that require a powder coating that can withstand up to 800°F !!! Powder coating is an excellent and inexpensive way to improve your existing parts in a variety of ways.             

How are Powder Coatings Applied?

Conventional Bake: The tried and true method of applying powders using an electrostatic gun is still used regularly.  The charged particles are directed at a grounded substrate, covering completely.  The substrate is then oven cured to create a uniform coating.

Fluidized Bed: Fluidized powder coating involves forcing air into a bed of powder to agitate the material.  A part is pre-baked in an oven and then dipped into the powder bed, instantly transforming the part into a beautifully coated piece.  While not ideal for conserving powder, it is a sure way to coat difficult substrates with intricate or complex surfaces. 


Typical Properties

  • Temperatures: Up to 800°F
  • Durability: Excellent UV, corrosion & chemical resistance
  • Thickness: Variable; thin coat or heavy build up possible
  • Aesthetics: Countless color, texture options

Common Powder Coat Applications

  • Automotive Components
  • External Machine Components
  • Safety Rails and Steps
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Architectural Parts
  • Marine Equipment and Components
  • Medical Equipment
  • Guide Bars
  • Painting Fixtures
  • Scaffolding
  • Valve Parts
  • Sign Holders
  • Conveyor Rollers
  • High Visibility Equipment

The Beauty of Options!

  • Multiple shades of every color in the spectrum
  • Varying gloss levels: from Matte to Glossy
  • Chrome replacement with super high luster
  • Combine multiple colors for truly unique looks
  • All safety colors are available!

Typical Variations of Powder Coatings

MBI Coatings is proud to offer an extensive foray of Powder Coatings and variations from respected manufacturers such as Sherwin Williams, AkzoNobel, PPG, Dow Corning, DuPont, NIC Industries, and more. We can meet blueprint and specification standards in accordance with function and color, or offer you a coating that is unique and exciting.


The most common type of powder coating found, Polysters offer a thick film-build along with good weatherability, chemical resistance, physical properties, gloss and color offerings. Polyester is the workhorse of the powder coatings field.


Epoxy powders are best suited for indoor useage as they lose gloss with direct sunlight exposure. They offer excellent chemical resistance and physical properties, showing good hardness and impact resistance.


Typically found in automotive industries but applicable in any setting requiring a durable clear coat. Provides a smooth clear coat with great visibility and resistance to chipping. Great for protection and decorative finishes.


Urethanes are best used as thin-film coatings requiring high gloss and smoothness. Great for delicate decor pieces and thin substrates, urethanes are best suited for indoor applications.


MBI also offers high-temperature powders that perform, protect, and maintain their appearance and properties at temperatures up to and exceeding 1200°F.


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