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MBI's Prevlon coatings are designed to protect parts and machinery from the harshest conditions they may encounter. Parts needing extreme corrosion protection, hydrophobic properties, mechanical or electrical insulation, abrasion resistance, or all of these properties combined, will benefit from Prevlon coatings. Popular Prevlon coatings include Nylons (aka Rislan), Polypropylene (& other plastics), Epoxy lining, Polyurethane, and Ceramic Resin coatings that will stand up to any environmental or mechanical abuse thrown at them.

MBI can utilize thermal spray Hastelloy®, stainless steel , aluminum and other materials as a base coat for added adhesion and to improve upon already impressive properties for a wide variety of applications.  Such barrier coatings allow us to engineer something specifically for your application, if you come to us with a problem we have the resources, experience and knowledge to find you a solution.

Multiple Properties in One: Prevlon coatings typically offer a magnitude of life-extending properties to the parts they are protecting. We have coatings that will prevent mechanical shock and provide insulation, while simultaneously   protecting from aggressive corrosion.

Prevent Before Repairing: MBI has experience utilizing Prevlon coatings on parts and fixtures before being put into production in order to extend operating life.  Allow us to prevent problems before they occur and minimize  labor hours spent on repairs.  We can meet strict blueprint guidelines on coating thickness, properties achieved,  surface finish and more.


Typical Properties

  • Toughness and Impact Resistance: Very high; 120+ inch-lbs (ASTM D2794)
  • Abrasion Resistance: Excellent; <12mm Loss (ASTM D4060 Taber testing)
  • Adhesion: Excellent (Embedded  in to the metal sprayed layer > 6,000 psi. ) ASTM D4541
  • Tensile Strength & Flexibility: Very high  (ASTM D522)
  • Surface Finish: Customizable; Typically ≈ 20 Ra
  • Salt Spray Test: 6,000+ Hours (ISO 7253)

Common Prevlon Applications

Industries Include: Manufacturing, Construction, Textile, Marine, Glass, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Mining, Power generation, etc.

Machine Parts of All Types Where  Wear & Corrosion Prevention properties is needed:

  • Processing and conveying Rolls and Rollers
  • Chemical industry equipment and parts
  • Industrial Valve components (Gates, Seals, Body, Etc.)
  • Pump parts including housings, impellers, covers, etc.
  • Chutes, catch pans / trays, lids, covers, etc.
  • Vessels, Pipes and containers
  • Exhaust and blower equipment protection
  • Waste water treatment components
  • Transportation & Automotive applications of all types

Prevlon Coating Advantages

  • Variable coating chemistry & thickness to accommodate any application
  • Multitude of properties gained by specifying one of our engineered coatings
  • Extreme toughness with abrasion and corrosion protection
  • Can serve as a mechanical and/or electrical insulator

Typical Variations of Prevlon Coatings


Ceramic enforced polymer coatings, offering advantages in both chemical and mechanical properties, significantly better than liquid epoxy, fusion-bond epoxy and other high performance coating systems.


Hybrid version of our 100 coatings. It is combined with thermal sprayed stainless to offer an unsurpassed quality coating ideal for toughness, corrosion and mechanical shock.


Plastic Flame spray (polypropylene, polyethylene & fluoropolymers) thermal sprayed coatings, featuring fused adhesion to the metal surface. Wide range of protection including wear and severe corrosion .


Nylon (aka Rilsan) coatings offer a wide array of excellent properties that include chemicals resistance and tough mechanical properties.  Such coatings can be used to build-up printing roll surfaces.


Polyurethane type coatings, applied for harsh chemical environments and a wide variety of applications in various industries.


Fusion bonded powder coatings.  Such coatings offer the same benefits of powder coatings, only applied by flame spraying. Therefore, larger parts that can not fit inside cure ovens can be powder coated with portable equipment.


High-Grade Powder Coatings with hundreds of color options.  Excellent durability and uniform finish on small or large parts.  Matte, Satin and Gloss finishes available in most every color.  Custom and unique colors available as well.


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