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We apply build-up coatings with infinite alloy composition, thickness and hardness to suit your needs.  We refurbish and rebuild worn surfaces to better-than-new condition, out-performing OEM parts at a fraction of the cost.  Because we can choose the build-up material, the repaired parts always out-perform the replacement parts.

We provide complete service including machine shop support.  Therefore, our repair work can incorporate machining and grinding, including Diamond wheel grinding of hard tungsten carbide and ceramic materials. We even have expanded our machine shop capabilities to include the ability to manufacture various rolls, guide bars, nozzles, sleeves, shafts, clamps, etc., while meeting stringent quality standards and blue print specifications including iso 9002.  Our coatings procedures are based on national standards from ASTM, AWS, SSPC, and other leading standards including Mil specs. 


Typical Features

  • Various alloys, carbon steels, stainless, (Ferrous & Non-ferrous).
  • Various hardness alloys (To finish by machining or grinding). 
  • Un-surpassed bond strength (Will not separate or flake off).
  • No thickness limit (Typically from .001” to .250”).
  • Metallurgical friendly (Will not distort the part).
  • Ability to touch up damages on large chrome rolls without re-plating the entire roll.  (Can also be done “On-site”).

Application Examples

Industries Include: Any and All Industries. There is no limitations to MBI’s refurbishing abilities. We apply hundreds of coatings that are designed for any application including:

Repair, Wear, Corrosion, Heat oxidation, Non-stick, Release, Traction, Low Friction, Di-Electric, etc. 

Machine Parts of All Types Where Repair, Refurbishing, or Enhancement is needed:

  • All Roller Surfaces
  • Journal Repair
  • Pump Parts
  • Wrap Replacements
  • Crankshaft Surfaces
  • Turbine Repairs
  • Granulator Parts
  • Shaft/Roller Straightening

So much more, too many to list!

MBI Refurbish Advantage

  • Wide material range has ability to meet any specification
  • Customizable coating thickness allows for job-tailoring
  • Refurbished parts improve on OEM standards
  • Fabricating abilities allows for even severe damage to be repaired
  • Machining, Grinding, Welding, and Polishing are all capable at MBI
  • We offer an Expedited Turnaround option for emergency shutdowns

Typical Variations of Repair Coatings

We use certified coating materials with superior properties in terms of better bond (over 13,000 psi), wear resistance, corrosion and oxidation resistance. Below is a typical list of popular coatings:


Chrome steel alloy is a popular & versatile arc sprayed material made from hard chrome steel alloy that exhibits high toughness and hardness (60 Rc).  It can be applied at thicker layers for rebuilding of worn journals.  It can be finished (preferably by grinding) to relatively low Ra as an ideal long-lasting bearing surface. This coating is ductile with high bond and tensile strengths. (AS series coatings are considered more economical than the HV series).


Chrome-nickel alloy is designed to work as both repair and wear resistance coatings including excellent corrosion resistance.  Typical hardness is 48 Rc, therefore it could be either ground or machined to nice finishes. It can be built up to high thickness .003 - .200”


Nickel-chrome-boron is applied by our Fusion-bond HVOF. It’s a material suited as chrome plating replacement.  Typical hardness is >60 Rc, therefore it can be finished with conventional grinding wheels.  It has near zero porosity and high bond strength (over 10,000 psi).


Nickel-chrome-iron alloy is applied by Arc spray, producing medium hardness build up coating.  It is economical to apply therefore it is considered an excellent coating for general repairs of worn surfaces that have to be machined rather than ground.


Stainless steel is applied by arc spray producing coatings with medium hardness.  It is economical to apply therefore it is considered an excellent coating for general build-up of stainless alloy.  It has excellent adhesion strength (over 10,000 psi) and can be built up to varying thickness ( .003” to .100”) without any issues.

Selective Plating

This plating process can be carried out in-house or on-site. Example: We can touch-up repair damaged spots on already chromed surfaces avoiding costly stripping & re-plating and at times without disassembling your roll / part to be worked on.  The repairs blend in perfectly with existing surface.


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