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MBI’s THINLON™ coatings are designed to be used on any rigid or semi rigid surface for dry lubricity, corrosion protection, release, thermal barrier, and a variety of other properties. MBI offers a Thinlon nano-ceramic polymer formulation that promotes release and protection in surface-to-surface contact areas, thus reducing friction and wear between surfaces. The exceptional low resistant to shear enables the MBI Thinlon coated surface to operate with extremely low friction.

The coating thickness can range from less than a micrometer to few tens of micrometers depending on the solution and application.  Normally, with a much thinner coating, it can perform comparable to or better than conventional release coatings, anodizing/conversion oxide or organic primer/paint-on coatings.

Low Friction w/ Built-In Lubricity: The very low friction properties of our Thinlon coatings make them suitable as dry lubricants like on slide valves, piston skirts, and gears etc.

Anti-Galling and Corrosion: MBI’s Thinlon coatings are designed to create a corrosion barrier and a permanent self-lubricating surface to impede galling and the seizing of components.

Wide Operating Temperature Range: Thinlon has the ability to retain physical properties through a huge range of temperatures, up to 1700°F in some cases.


Typical Properties

  • Thickness: .25 - 1 mil Stand-Alone (w/out HVOF or Plasma base)
  • Pencil Hardness: 6h (ASTM D3363)
  • Mandrel Bend: 1 mm coating loss at 180 degree rotation
  • Adhesion (Cross-Cut): 5b (ASTM 3359) 
  • Impact Resistance: 80/60 inch-lbs
  • Temperature Resistance: Up to 1700° F

Common Thinlon Applications

  • Tooling
  • Rotors/Gears
  • Piston Heads/Sleeves
  • Drill Bits
  • Blades
  • Die Cutting Rollers
  • Guide Surfaces
  • Cutting Discs
  • Firearm Barrels
  • Threading
  • Pulleys
  • High-Heat Surfaces
  • Knives, Rotary, Slitters
  • Anvil Plates
  • Pump Equipment

Thinlon Coating Advantages

  • Low temperature cure and a no-bake version available
  • Works in conjunction with thermal spray for permanent fusion bonding
  • Nano-film deposit allows very tight tolerances
  • Multiple properties are attainable in a compact coating
  • Containment coatings for extreme chemical corrosion
  • Multiple colors available for distinguishing parts of an assembly

Typical Variations of Thinlin Coatings

Thinlon 109

High-heat-cured version of the Thinlon 110 offers slightly increased hardness and corrosion, resistance for the truly pesky applications that require lubricity. Temperature resistant up to 1200°F proves suitability for all types of applications and environments.

Thinlon 110

This coating is considered the most versatile among other thin film coatings. Thinlon 110 offers excellent corrosion protection along with great dry-lube properties. Thinlon 110 is able to withstand 350,000 psi of pressure and up to 2,000°F. Low-temperature cure.

Thinlon 171

This coating is a great thin-film thermal barrier coating. With stability and effectiveness to 1700°F, it also is resistant to repeated thermal shock. Great for quick, extreme and repeated temperature-changing environments. Used to protect hot metal components from degradation and as well as increase operating efficiency.

Thinlon 209

This variation offers some one the highest 5% Salt Spray ratings of a true thin-film coating. With 1,800+ hours and no sign of red rust, this coating is perfect for aggressive environments that need an intricate coating with minimal build-up.

Thinlon 900

Formulated to be an excellent electrical barrier, offering resistance of an amazing 3,000 volts per mil thickness! Great option for small and large parts, and can be combined with ceramics for absolute dielectric properties.


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