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MBI Coatings applies engineered coatings designed for traction & grip using advanced HVOF, Plasma-spray, Arc spray, Powder and Wire flame sprayed coatings. Such coatings are used for mechanical grip type applications, non-slip and to maintain consistent feed such as on drive rollers and feed rollers.

We can produce a wide variety of textures according to your needs. Unlike glue-on sand-paper and other temporary methods, MBI’s Tractec coatings are considered permanent. The gripping surface we produce is extremely tough and long lasting. The coatings are repeatable, consistent and can be re-applied once they wear out after prolonged use.

Your material, being plastic, paper, fabric or foam, are transported consistently with fewer interruptions due to web breaks and poor web traction. Therefore, your maintenance is decreased and shut downs are averted.             

Extreme Wear Resistance: Tractec is a long-term solution for applications that see serious abuse and wear. Unlike wraps and liners, Trac-Tec fuses to substrates, giving it superior adhesion, hardness, wear and abrasion resistance.

Adjustable Traction: TracTec has the ability to customized based on traction needs. For more aggressive traction, coating thickness is increased to “grip” parts, better (such as on a drive roll). If low friction is needed, TracTec is applied lighter and with materials that have smooth “peaks” so as to not  interfere with running products.


Typical Properties

  • Materials Used: Tungsten carbide, chrome  carbide, titanium carbide, hard stainless steel,  amorphous alloy, ceramics and more...
  • Hardness: Non-Marring to beyond 75Rc hardness 
  • Bond Strength: Very high, Over 10,000psi (will not chip or flake)
  • Thickness: From  .003”  -  .100” build-up
  • Texture: Customizable; can be varied from fine Ra finish to 80 grit sand paper equivalence.  Can also be adjusted for either rounded “peaks” or a sharp, rough feel.

Common Tractec Applications

  • Fiction Discs/Pins
  • Carpet Rollers
  • Feed Rollers
  • Paper Rollers
  • Grip Fingers
  • Traction Bars
  • Sheet Metal Clamps
  • Winder Drums
  • Reels
  • Grooved Rollers
  • Cutter Spheres
  • Saw-Blade Ends
  • Step Surfaces
  • Paper Feeders

Tractec Coating Advantages

  • Wide material range has ability to meet any specificati
  • Customizable coating thickness allows for job-tailoring
  • Can be used in conjunction with MBI’s Traclon release coatings
  • Endless variations for specific property and application needs
  • Offers superb life and wear resistance compared to wraps
  • Electrical Conductivity varies; ablility to be conductive or non-conductive

Typical Variations of Tractec Coatings

Because the traction of the coating depends substantially on the degree of its surface roughness, nearly any material or alloy can be used to create a traction coating. However, in most applications where a traction coating is required there is also a great amount of wear; therefore, the most common traction coating materials are carbides and hard stainless steels.


Boron carbide alloy based grip coating. Featuring extreme toughness due to their particle hardness over 75 Rc. Another distinct feature of TracTec-B is the sharpness of its peaks, useful for gripping materials securely without the chance of slippage.


Stainless steel based grip non-slip coating. Such coatings offer an aggressive type surface without the extra sharp peaks, which could be favorable in certain applications.


Tungsten carbide based traction coatings. This coating is designed to have great wear resistance and long life.


Chrome carbide based traction coatings. Such coatings feature wear resistance combined with corrosion resistance.


Xtra aggressive grip coatings that feature added surface roughness finish beyond the other   TracTec family of coatings.


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